Salesforce is a lot of things. You can store contacts, track products, manage automation, create complex reports, and then-some.

When you are just getting started, the set up can feel overwhelming and expensive. Even if you are teaching yourself after hours, you are spending a lot of time looking at features that you have survived without.

There is one feature you need to master before any other. It is not automated emailing; it’s not validation rules of making a site. What you need now are accurate Reports. Insightful and timely, a report on team data gives you insight into your coworker’s actions and your own. You can see who is covering which bases and who needs help.

Some companies need up-to-date pipeline reports for stockholders; others need metrics to help coach their sales people. There are many cases where summarizing your data will offer extra insight.

In Trailhead: Reporting you get a deep dive into the most prominent features. From reporting on related records to building dashboards, you practice using these tools to solve complicated problems.

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