Put everything on one calendar

Companies want to visualize order delivery dates with the company vacation schedule and even the forecasted deal close dates of not yet closed deals. This calendar lets you put everything in one place, like your Marketing Campaigns, Tasks, Account renewal dates, Opportunity Close Dates, Customer Trainings, Payment Deadlines, Project Due Dates, Invoice Dates, or any other date field in your salesforce.com account.

  • You can put multiple objects on a calendar at the same time, drag them to new days, to get organized.
  • Set fixed or dynamic colors per object, and custom filters for every use case.
Free app

marketing calendar salesforce app

It' easy

This free campaign calendar view gives you the tools to organize and communicate to the rest of the company.

Install the app

Open the new “Calendars” tab in salesforce

Select your object, colors, and filters

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