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Opportunity Team Edit Fix

Opportunity Team Edit Override

This small free app fixes a problem in salesforce for people using Opportunity Teams.  Currently, only the Opportunity Owner or their manager can add/remove users from an Opportunity Team.  This simple app works around this limitation by giving you a custom page to grant additional users this functionality.

Most users expect that Opportunity Team editing is permitted by the same logic as editing the Opportunity.  This is how our app makes the permissions work – so people don’t have to call a System Administrator to edit an Opportunity Team.

How it works:

  1. Install the App
  2. Add the new “Opportunity Team Edit” button to the Opportunity page layout
  3. Tell users to use the new button instead of the old one




  • Client
  • Date
    Jan 2017
  • Skills
    AppExchange, Business, Salesforce.com
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