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Powerpack for Salesforce

PowerPack for Salesforce

Doing Salesforce consulting for the last 10 years, you can imagine how often we do the same development task over and over. This package is a combination of our most requested apps in one bundle. It allows companies to install one package and turn on things like:

1. Lead Rotator: Automatically leads to users in a group in an even way.
2. Google Drive Integration: Make collaboration folders for each object in salesforce and give users the ability to drag/drop files into the salesforce screen and have that file stored in Google Drive so other users in your company can collaborate with you.
3. Report Sender: Schedule reports to be sent by email in Excel format to any email address
4. Currency Sync: Get up to date currency exchange rates in salesforce.
5. Desktop Push Notifications: The Desktop Chatter client was discontinued by salesforce, but you can still get desktop push notifications! Turn this on to get desktop push notification (in the top right corner, just like facebook).

We are continuing to add more code, features, and products to this PowerPack, all under the same price.

  • Date
    Jan 2017
  • Skills
    AppExchange, Business, Design
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