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Doing Salesforce consulting for the last 10 years, you can imagine how often we do the same development task over and over. This package is a combination of our most requested apps in one bundle.

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salesforce power pack app bundle

The best bundle for any team!

It allows companies to install one package and turn on things like:

Lead Rotator – Distribute new leads automatically and evenly to a group of users.
Report Sender – Scheduled reports sent to anyone, in an Excel-friendly format to any email address
Opportunity Team Inherit – Auto-copy the Account team to the Opportunity team.
Account “Find Duplicates” button – A quick way to check for duplicates and merge Accounts.
Auto Re-open Cases – Set cases to reopen when a new email comes in.
Calendar Everything – Take any object with a date and see it on a calendar.
Case Merge – Merge duplicate cases and maintain the history.
Currency Sync – Automatically update your exchange rates on a daily basis.
Google Drive Integration – Drag and drop files, and see related files on any record.
Power Notifications – The Desktop Chatter client was discontinued by salesforce, but you can still get desktop push notifications!
Lead Migrator – Move custom objects to the Contact when converting Leads.

There is a lot to this app, but it is pretty cool. From time-saving UI stuff that Salesforce should have, like the Account Find Duplicates Button and Case Merge, to more sophisticated tools that expand Salesforce's capabilities like the Lead Assignment rotator and the ability to email reports to non-Salesforce users, the capabilities of the Powerpack are pretty huge. There are a couple of features I don't think I'll use, and I'm still exploring some of the features, but give it 5 stars already.

David HechtCo-Founder, AppFrontier

PowerPack is an administrators dream!

Several powerful applications all bundled together in one easy-to-use package. And we are continuing to add more code, features, and products to Report Sender Plus, all under the same price.


Solves common issues we find with customers, on the IdeaExchange, and Success forums.


5-Star Reviews and live chat support with the actual developers who build the apps.


Small license cost for whole org, not per user.