Consulting & Development Service

If you need more, we got you covered with our expertise in Salesforce. From Code, Admin, Integration, to consulting and customized apps – We do it all!

On-Demand Salesforce Experts

We help you to grow your business by getting the max potential out of the Salesforce platform, tailored to your needs. From consulting, integration to customized development we help you ensure performance and data security. We are motivated by your success and our clients call our service “phone-a-friend” because we excel and helping people get out of issues. Let’s take your business to the next level.

Software & App Development

We offer a wide range of software and app development services for all needs. Having worked with Salesforce since 2005 and combining decades of experience with coding and different customer needs, our development team can guarantee you innovative and reliable products on the salesforce platform.

We can help you

on almost anything around Salesforce.

Google Analytics integration
Google Analytics probably has all your marketing stats, so why not pull it into salesforce campaigns for unified reporting and dashboarding?

Salesforce CPQ Quick Start & Customization
Interested in using CPQ but don’t want to spend over $10,000 getting started? We have a playbook which fits most companies with <100 products to get you started in only a couple weeks.

Lightning Components
Fix the gaps in lightning by building custom lightning components on the salesforce platform. These components can be used in consoles, lightning pages, communities, or even lightning enabled flows to summarize data or give suggestions to end users.

Launch custom sites, data integration middleware, or do bulk data processing on Heroku instances. We have deploy applications in Python, Java, Javascript (Node), Ruby, and other languages

Backup & Disaster Recovery Review
Get peace of mind with a review of your backup and disaster recovery processes. We set up procedures that can ensure systems can be restored after a hacker deletes your database or a well-intentioned employee deletes a set of records and clears their recycle bin.

Automate Approval Processes
Enhance Approval Processes with apex code to send reminders, escalate on a timeframe, or automatically approve/reject based on more complex logic than is supported in the standard UI.

Apex Bulk Support
Process salesforce data in bulk and stay 100% on platform with Apex bulk jobs. We can do the development or guide your developers on how to optimize existing apex jobs to get around governor limits.

and more

CloudAnswers Professional Services

To get started with CloudAnswers Products, check out the “Power Pack”. Our most requested apps in one powerful bundle.

If you face any issues with implementation or need an enhancement of our product, please write us and we will get back to you.