Get peace of mind with a review of your backup and disaster recovery processes. We see hundreds of orgs and most don't follow even the most basic procedures that can ensure systems can be restored after a hacker deletes your database or a well-intentioned employee deletes a set of records and clears their recycle bin.
We can help you customize your quote pdf output to dynamically insert legal terms, product whitepapers, price tables, dynamically show product fields, and much more. We implement custom quote PDFs using code to match any format you need.
Interested in using CPQ but don't want to spend over $10,000 getting started? We have a playbook which fits most companies with <100 products to get you started in only a couple weeks. We can handle this project within our base service level or as a one-off project.
We can jump in to help QA your projects or setup automated UI testing to enable you to more efficiently delivery stable code to production. Since we know the back end of salesforce so well, we can usually deliver complete QA testing procedures faster than your standard QA guy, and we can automate it too.
If you are starting down the path of using multiple developers for your salesforce instance, you will benefit from source control, automated testing, and continuous integration services. We can help you setup that process or review an existing one based on our experience. Companies usually see huge savings from automation here because of the shortened cycle time between development and QA and the reduction is issues sent to production.
We can help you build an app from scratch or turn your existing code and logic into an AppExchange app. Packaging, security review, and licensing can be handle completely by us or we can help your team whenever they get stuck.
Google Analytics probably has all your marketing stats, so why not pull it into salesforce campaigns for unified reporting and dashboarding? We can integrate your UTM data on a batch or on demand basis and populate fields in salesforce.
Go beyond the standard lead assignment rules with apex code, process builders, and even heroku data processing. Common reasons for a code approach are when leads must never be assigned incorrectly, or when such high volumes of leads exist that you need highly efficient assignment logic.
Develop add-ons for case routing to cut down on case reassignments and get a more efficient sales process. Custom code can expand on your existing assignment logic to allow you to stay flexible while adding apex automation where it helps.
Deploy your Knowledge to a public knowledge base to cut down on customer service requests. We can match your corporate theme perfectly to make a seamless experience for end users. Deploy to a Force.com site for no additional license costs and use Google Analytics for integrated analytics.
Enhance Approval Processes with apex code to send reminders, escalate on a timeframe, or automatically approve/reject based on more complex logic than is supported in the standard UI.
We can do a deep-dive review of your org for common pitfalls that new admins fall into. This includes areas such as finding logic that is not optimized for scale, security configuration issues, and use of best practices. Our health check is currently 100 items long.
Implement Salesforce's Social Support system on top of service cloud to integrate Twitter, Facebook and other social sites into your normal customer success workflow.
Implement a new community or revamp an existing one, we can help you either do a quick re-launch using new Lightning templates or do deep customization of your theme to match company brand. We also have experience developing totally custom front ends based in Angular and React which allow you to get better page performance when needed.
Extend Salesforce.com processes to unauthenticated users with Force.com Sites. We use code to build sites in HTML for complete control over visual styles and combine data from your Salesforce database with no additional licensing cost. Examples of this include: onboarding wizards, heavily customized signup forms, and publishing high level customer stats.
Process salesforce data in bulk and stay 100% on platform with Apex bulk jobs. We can do the development or guide your developers on how to optimize existing apex jobs to get around governor limits.
Fix the gaps in lightning by building custom lightning components on the salesforce platform. These components can be used in consoles, lightning pages, communities, or even lightning enabled flows to summarize data or give suggestions to end users.
Develop and release native iOS and Android applications by leveraging the newest hybrid technologies like React-Native. This allows for very performant end user experiences while reducing development time drastically
Launch custom sites, data integration middleware, or do bulk data processing on Heroku instances. We have deploy applications in Python, Java, Javascript (Node), Ruby, and other languages.

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