Proactively identify and merge duplicates

Easily see and merge duplicate records right from Salesforce.

This lightning component shows you potential duplicates when you’re looking at a record. Get everyone’s help keeping the database clean, don’t spend hours running de-dupe tools.

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• Lightning component
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• Easily see duplicates

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merge duplicates app

No more duplicates

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to keep a clean database.

Easily see duplicates
right on a record page, based on your custom matching rules.

Save time
by leveraging Salesforce’s duplicate rules so you don’t have to set up your matching rules multiple times.

Merge duplicates quickly
Choose the master record and which values you want to keep and merge the records easily.

Respects security
Users can only see and merge records if they have permission to view and delete.

We use it ourselves

We use this component ourselves to keep data clean. It is nice because it uses out of box duplicate management which means it's not bogging the system down by installing extra triggers like other packages. Hope you enjoy using it too!

James SullivvanDeveloper, CloudAnswers