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All your marketing activities in a calendar.

Create a written roadmap for your marketing campaigns. Help your team visualize every step of the process, with a view of what’s to come.

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A full overview of your marketing campaigns.

A marketing calendar is intended to help a company stay on the right track and be accurate with essential marketing and sales initiatives. It is created based on a calendar of business happenings such as sales, promos, and busy high seasons. It is an essential part of any successful marketing campaign.

A marketing calendar is strictly what it sounds like: a blueprint that includes marketing and sales activities for the entire month or year.

Product Features

A marketing calendar can be just what your company needs to keep setting its marketing strategies on track.

Campaign Overview

Color code campaigns according to select criteria- priority, status, or urgency.

Custom-made views

Filter by parent campaign or type to see the right details.


For even more customization, download the open source version from GitHub.

Hover Tool

Add extra details to the calendar with the hover tool and display exactly what you need.

How it works

Your active campaigns and activities instantly on a calendar

Install and customize your Marketing Calendar

Without any setup, your active Campaigns will appear on a calendar using their start and end dates. Just install Free Marketing Calendar from the AppExchange using the standard "Get It Now" button and grant access to all users during the install process.

Forget regular views - use color-coded calendars

Get an instant and accurate overview of your marketing plans. Color-code your campaigns based on campaign type, priority, status, or any custom criteria using the Color Status field.


What our customers are saying

Already more than 200 companies are using our apps.


Exactly what we were looking for! We needed a way for our Sales Director's to view our upcoming trade shows, webinars, etc. in a calendar and this is exactly what we were looking for and it's FREE! Not only can they view the color-coded calendar but they can dive into the details associated with each campaign. We've had nothing but great feedback from our Sales and Marketing teams. I had a hard time getting this added as a tab at first and then again accessible by other profiles but the built-in support assisted in a timely and helpful fashion. Great support! I highly recommend this product!


"Great Calendar App We have been using this calendar app for 2 years without issue and we highly recommend it."

Need to Know

Frequently Asked Questions.

The Marketing Calendar comes with a field called "Color Status" which allows you to change the color of the items shown on the calendar from blue to one of many options. Add this to your campaign page layout or create a flow to update this field based on another field like Status. See this article for more: Marketing calendar automatic colors

Sometimes the name alone isn't enough to tell you what a campaign is all about. Many people combine the Name + Type fields so a Campaign appears as "CNET - Webinar" instead of just "CNET". To accomplish this, you can create a formula field to combine your desired fields or even create a custom field if you want to manually define the name as it should appear on the calendar. After you have your field defined, update the Calendar Field Set to choose your new field. More to this topic you find in this article: Customizing the Free Marketing Calendar

For users to access certain details about marketing campaigns they must be a "Marketing User". If you notice that the Campaign Type dropdown at the top right is completely missing then your users may need the "Marketing User" checkbox selected on their User records. The user should also be able to view Campaigns from the Campaign tab and see the Type field. If not, check their profile permissions.

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