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CloudAnswers Reports Sender allows you to automate your report sharing. Send as many Salesforce Reports to Salesforce and non-salesforce users as you'd like. Choose your own schedule, write a message to the recipients, and choose how you want the report attached.

It is easy to use, powerful, and free to try!

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Unlock your reports for free!

$0/ Yearly

Free forever:

  • CSV format
  • Customizable email subject
  • Customizable email body
  • Simple, 255-character emails
  • Daily, weekdays, weekly, and monthly schedule options
  • Email and chat support


More customization and faster support.

$1000/ Yearly

Everything in the Free Edition, plus:

  • Send joined reports
  • Row level formulas
  • XLS and XLSX formats
  • No sponsored email footer
  • Robust 32k character emails
  • Skip sending if no data
  • Phone support


Our most advanced report sending features.

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Everything in the Plus Edition, and:

  • Schedule any report and filter it dynamically for each recipient.
  • Our security team can complete your custom risk assessment
  • Assistance with procurement processes and addendums to our subscription agreement.

Limitations & Problems with Salesforce reporting:

  • Non-users need reports too: executives, partners, customers, etc.
  • Manually sharing reports is repetitive and error-prone.
  • Email forwarding fails if the admin ever leaves or changes roles.
  • Salesforce limits how many reports you can subscribe to.
  • Emails can't be customized to add any context or instructions.
Product Features

Boost you performance with automated report delivery

Schedules, Your Way

Choose the schedule that delivers the report exactly when it's needed. Weekly, every monday, every 2nd Thursday - whatever you need. Then sit back and relax!

Reach More People

Reports reach people in and out of Salesforce, all you need is an email address. Boost your performance while reaching many people at once.

Personalized Emails

Customize the file name, email subject, or body to make it your own. Provide a description of the report, give instructions on what to do with it, or write whatever you need.

Smart Sends

Reports with zero results are skipped, so your recipients don't waste time with empty spreadsheets (Plus feature).

How it works

Scheduled email reporting in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Everything begins at the Report Sender tab. Here you can see all the report schedules that you have access to. Click Send Now to send any of the reports, or use the Edit or Delete links to update them. To schedule a new report, just click New Schedule.

Step 2

Choose a report and enter what you want in the email. If you can see the report and it doesn't exceed any Salesforce imposed limits then you can schedule it. Joined reports are supported in Plus edition only.

Step 3

Add your recipients, choose the delivery schedule, and the report format. Uncheck the Active field if you want to leave it disabled while you test it. Click save and you're all done - relax and know that report sender will deliver your report for you.


What our customers are saying

Already more than 200 companies are using our apps.


"This App provided me exactly what I needed. I needed a quick and easy tool to allow me to schedule reports to be sent to non-Salesforce users. This App did exactly that! It was quick and easy to install and setup. Thanks!"


"GREAT APP TO FILL THE GAPS IN This is a fantastic tool that addresses shortcomings in SF and provides feature rich functionality without having to reinvent the wheel."

Need to Know

Frequently Asked Questions.

First, install Report Sender in your Salesforce org. Then, to start a subscription to Report Sender Plus, click Subscribe Now. If you are a non-profit organization, if you can't pay by credit card, or if you need some information from us before you can subscribe, contact us, and we'll be happy to help.

Report Sender product was built in a way that allows you to run it without having your report data go through anything but Salesforce and email servers. Many other applications will use outside services which means they can access your data whenever they would like. Report Sender is fully salesforce native, so all the code (and data) stays inside your organization. Read more: Report Sender Security and Data Privacy

Our reports are sent through Salesforce, so most likely there's an email deliverability setting that prevented the report from getting all the way to your inbox. First, make sure you didn't get an error email instead. Then see Troubleshooting missing emails for more help.

If you've just installed report sender and don't see the tab, you probably don't have My Domain enabled. For details and how to fix, see the article Don't See Report Sender Tab in Lightning after Installation.

These typically show up in two places. Click for appropriate solutions: Insufficient Privileges when sending a report or Insufficient Privileges when opening Report Sender tab

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