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Take the headache out of Salesforce and increase the productivity of your team. We have products and services that help you get more out of your Salesforce.

Report Sender

Customize and schedule unlimited, individual reports to anyone.

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Marketing Calendar

Give your team a view of your marketing campaigns in a calendar format that is easy to understand.

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Merge Duplicates

Easily see and merge duplicate records right from Salesforce.

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Opportunity Team Edit Override

Edit Opportunity team even if you’re not the owner. Grant additional users this functionality so that anyone that can edit the Opportunity can also update the team.

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Approval Process Reminder

Send your Salesforce users a list of their pending approval processes, organized by age, with a convenient link directly to each record waiting on approval.

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Calendar Everything

 Put everything in one place, like your Marketing Campaigns, Tasks, Account renewal dates, Opportunity Close Dates, or any other date field in your SF account.

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CloudAnswers Salesforce Practice

A strong team of certified specialists who are cross-domain trained and are well experienced in providing creative and feasible solutions around complex Salesforce implementations. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with applications that renew the way they use the Salesforce platform in their daily business. We nurture productivity, enable fast and convenient communication, and let businesses spend their valuable time working for clients, not on their admin.

We are top rated Salesforce consultants and will help you to add value to your business by developing industry-specific CRM tools, that help you to keep your business growing.

Salesforce Consulting work we do:

Implementation and Integration

CloudAnswers partner with you to understand your needs and requirements during Salesforce implementation. We assist you to install, configure, and integrate your Salesforce and also non-Salesforce products. We make your business more efficient and even develop custom-tailored solutions when needed.

Optimization and Customization

If a business is already using Salesforce as their CRM, we help them in making the most out of it by providing consultation around Salesforce customization. Salesforce consultants at CloudAnswers hold expertise in the area of Salesforce custom fields, workflows, objects, and data management procedures.


Our Consultant Experts can help you refocus on your core business. Assessments of your technical implementation, business usage, and licensing can help to identify areas for improvement.

Boost Productivity with Innovative Apps

Increase Sales

Improve your sales team’s success with smart apps. Real time savers shift the focus to selling.

Optimize Collaboration

Involve and engage your team. Easily share reports, documents, and more.

Enjoy Service

Enjoy after-sales experience. We are here to customize your app or support if you need us.

The functionality is exactly what we needed! A simple yet powerful UI for sales reps to navigate and an light app for marketing to maintain.

Lauren FaroCloudAnswers Free Marketing Calendar

This is a fantastic tool that addresses shortcomings in SF and provides feature rich functionality without having to reinvent the wheel.

Steven WagnerCloudAnswers PowerPack

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