Easily Find Duplicates

Potential duplicates component makes it easy for user to see duplicates and merge them, right from a record. Eliminating duplicates is an ongoing job, why not get everyone to help out as they're using the system?

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Easily see duplicates

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Duplicate records result in confusion and can cut into profits.

  • Duplicates exist in every system.
  • Duplicates cause users to distrust the system.
  • Marketing automation can cause you to annoy prospects that are duplicated.
  • Sales pipeline is muddled.
  • Sales and marketing efforts are wasted.

With the Potential Duplicates component you can easily find duplicates and merge them.

Product Features

Identify and Merge duplicate records while you’re working

Time efficient

Merge duplicates in just a few clicks.


Generate accurate reports and improve adoption.

Clean data is reliable data

Users know they are looking at the right data.


Customize your matching criteria to catch the right duplicates.

How it works

A quick setup guide

Setup matching rules

Use Salesforce duplicate rules for:

  • accounts
  • contacts
  • leads
  • any custom object

to set up your matching criteria base on your business needs

Add the component

Once your duplicate rules are set up, just drop the component on a lightning record page and you will start seeing duplicates. You can also customize which columns you want to display on the component and the merge screen.

See duplicates

As users are using the system, they’ll see when there are potential duplicates.


Choose the master record and the values you want to keep. We only show you the fields that are different, plus any fields you always want to see.


What our customers are saying

Already more than 200 companies are using our apps.


"Great Little Component Love this component!"


Even merges related records This component is great! If you don't have duplicate matching rules set up in your org, that could be a hurdle, but it is well worth it if you do! I could not find documentation on whether it merges related records like emails or even Chatter posts, but it does both, along with any other related records. Really surprising how well this works to solve a universal problem (current point count on idea exchange is 24,530). When I was installing this, I kept thinking "there is no way this is going to work without much more work," but it did!

Need to Know

Frequently Asked Questions.

The most common reason that a user cannot merge two records is because they do not have Edit and Delete permission on all of the records that they are merging. More information on that topic you can find in this article: https://help.cloudanswers.com/en/articles/4277924-troubleshooting-merge-errors

Yes, you can change the columns that you see in the potential duplicates list. Just specify the API names of up to 10 fields in the settings and that's what we'll show when there are duplicates.

The Potential Duplicates Lightning Component works for Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Custom Objects. Go to this article where we cover setup and common questions https://help.cloudanswers.com/en/articles/2852441-installation-guide

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