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Potential Duplicates Component

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Identify and Merge duplicate records while you're working

Duplicate records result in confusion and can cut into profits. The sales team stops relying on the CRM data, marketing automation and campaigns become less effective and the view of the sales pipeline is muddied.

Find duplicates

Duplicate records can appear in your Lead, Contact, and Account object or in any of your own custom objects. With the Potential Duplicates Component, you are able to find duplicates in all objects.

Merge duplicates

Merge duplicate records quickly. When a user sees a duplicate they can merge them together in a few clicks and continue on with their day.

Native Salesforce

A 100% native app so your data doesn’t leave your system. Leverages any Salesforce Duplicate Rules you already have set up.

How does it work

Setup matching rules

Use Salesforce duplicate rules for:

  • accounts

  • contacts

  • leads

  • any custom object

to set up your matching criteria base on your business needs.

Add the component

Once your duplicate rules are set up, just drop the component on a lightning record page and you will start seeing duplicates. You can also customize which columns you want to display on the component and the merge screen.

See/record duplicates

As users are using the system, they’ll see when there are potential duplicates.


Choose the master record and the values you want to keep. We only show you the fields that are different, plus any fields you always want to see.

Duplicate records can cost you time, money, and your reputation. Save yourself these problems and clean up your CRM data with the CloudAnswers Potential Duplicates component.

Save time by working with more accurate records.

Empower users to keep the data clean.

Customize your matching criteria

Generate more accurate reports and analyses.

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