Make Sales Simple

CloudAnswers Shop Builder can easily create a custom eCommerce site for your business or nonprofit. Follow a handful of simple steps to launch your own site in minutes. No IT, graphic design, or web development skills are needed.

Sell directly to your customers in a format they're comfortable with.

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Simple Pricing

1% of your shop's sales
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  • Customizable storefront
  • Sync products from Salesforce
  • Bring your own Stripe account
  • Sends purchases to Salesforce for processing

Customize it, don’t complicate it

Make your shop unique without needing a web developer on your team.

You control the shop's:

  1. Name and URL
  2. Logo and Images
  3. Products and Pricing

We take care of everything else, including:

  1. Hosting, scaling, and all of the tech.
  2. Syncing with Salesforce and Stripe
  3. Processing orders
Product Features


Just enough options to make your shop unique. Stand out without needing a web developer on your team.

Easy to Setup

It takes less than a day to start selling online. Connect to Stripe and Salesforce and you’re practically done.

Processing Payments is a Snap

Payments are processed through your Stripe account. One account and you’re ready to start making money.

Simple Pricing

No intimidating monthly fees. Instead, pay 1% of your sales to CloudAnswers in addition to any Stripe fees.

How it works

Selling is as easy as 1,2,3

1. Link your Shop to Salesforce

Link your shop to Salesforce and select a pricebook. We’ll use that to render your site. When an order is complete, we’ll create an opportunity in Salesforce with the order details.

2. Link your Stripe Account

Sign up for a Stripe account and link it to Shop Builder to process your payments. If you have an existing Stripe account you can connect it easily.

3. Configure your Shop

Then just change the logo, name, and other key details and your shop is ready to start selling!

Need to Know

Frequently Asked Questions.

After your demo, if you're interested in trying Shop Builder we'll give you access to the site. To set up your shop you need: A Stripe account, a Salesforce org with products, product images, and your logo.

Any company that uses Salesforce and wants a simple online shop. The current version of Shop Builder does not support taxes or shipping, so it is currently best for nonprofits, companies selling service packages, or companies that want to charge a flat price for products and cover shipping and tax costs. We do plan to add these features (and plenty others) in the future.

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