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Fast Flow Form is a great tool for the admins that regularly use flows to help users update records. Take what used to be multiple flow steps and combine it into one easy-to-use component. Just drop it into a screen flow, specify a few details about what you want the user to edit, and done - it handles the display, validation, and record update.

It is easy to use, powerful, and free!

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  • Free to use
  • Up to four fields per form
  • Use any object
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What's wrong with normal flow screens?

  • Doesn't get the record for you without a Get Records element.
  • Have to create variables for every picklist.
  • Inputs need to be assigned back to the record variable.
  • Multiple steps cause bugs and usability issues.
Product Features

Forms as quick a page layout


Handles the record query and update steps for you, so adding a form is fast.

Built-in Security

Automatically updates the forms based on the user's permissions so users can't update fields they shouldn't.

Simplify Your Flows

We all know how quickly flows can get complicated. When you have to have three or more elements just to update one record it can get out of hand fast. So reduce your flow complexity with this one component that combines multiple steps into one.


Once you've put this in a few flows you'll be glad you can use it everywhere.

How it works

Adding a Fast Flow Form

Step 1

Install the Fast Flow Form component from the AppExchange by clicking Get it Now and installing for all users.

Step 2

Open or create a Flow of type Screen Flow. Then add or edit a Screen in the flow. From here you can add the Flow Form component.

Step 3

Define the object you want to update. You can pass in flow values or type in text, so this form can be dynamic.

Step 3

That's it! No more steps needed, just test your form and publish it to your users.

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