Marketing Calendar for Salesforce

Best way to View

your marketing activities and campaigns
in a monthly calendar format

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A true & full overview of all activities

Explore your marketing campaigns or any marketing activities in a calendar format that is easy to understand. Give your salespeople a view of your marketing activity, so they know when the promotional, sales, or brand campaign takes place, when which email campaign will be sent out, or when webinars will be published.

Marketing calendar - color setting

Install and customize your Marketing Calendar

Without any setup, your active Campaigns will appear on a calendar. Just install Free Marketing Calendar from the AppExchange using the standard "Get It Now" button and grant access to all users during the install process.

Marketing calendar - color planning

Turn regular list views into color-coded calendars

Get an instant and accurate overview of your marketing plans. Color-code your campaigns based on campaign type, priority, status, or any custom criteria.

Keep the overview

Give your team a view of projects and tasks, so they know when the next trade show, email blast, or webinar takes place. Let them all to be on the same page.

Customize your view

Color-code your campaigns based on health, priority, or any custom criteria.

Free App & Lightning ready

This app comes for free with no limitations. Moreover, it’s Salesforce Lightning ready.


Communicate relative importance or provide a visual queue for campaigns by assigning different colors.

Custom name

Easily change the name displayed on the calendar. You can even create your own formula to do things like combining the name and type.

Hover Tool Tips

Be able to show additional details by adding to the calendar your desired fields like registration counts, target audience, start and end dates, status, and more.