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Load test builds in expo

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Have expo project, want public testing URL

The expo has restricted loading of apps from the public for ios, but here's a workaround that we use to let users test our apps when we do rapid-prototyping...

  1. create a GitHub action to build the expo app with a unique app name for each PR, so you don't accidentally do anything to your production app and so comments are stamped to specific feature branches
  2. run npx expo publish --non-interactive
  3. look for the output URL which looks like this:
    image: /uploads/ 📝 Manifest:***/***-pr-40/index.exp?sdkVersion=40.0.0 Learn more:
  4. Copy that URL into a QR code generator like this one:
    Or use a CLI script to do it at the end of the build process:
    And then email it to the users that you want to test!
  5. Scan the code on your iPhone!

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