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Modify CPQ PDF Header and Footer

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The Salesforce CPQ Header and Footer might work out of box for demos but eventually you will need to customize it.  The most common first gripe I see is that Bill To and Ship To are reversed.

There is no way to edit the out of box template without recreating all the sections and it can be time consuming to recreate it if you did it from scratch.  You can actual actually save time by copy and pasting the out of box version into your own Quote Section.  It's not hard to find after you know where to go.

Here's how:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Installed Packages > Salesforce CPQ > View Components
  2. Find "Template Top" on the page and click on it (I recommend this since salesforce is still renaming things from SteelBrick to CPQ):
  3. Click "View File" to download the content:
  4. Copy & Paste the downloaded html content into your new Template Section

Follow the same process for "Template Bottom" and you will have both of the sections you need and can start doing deep customizations of the quote output.

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