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Avoiding Salesforce Report Subscription Limitations

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Salesforce Report Subscription Limitation and Report Sending limitations. How to walk around them?

Salesforce dominates the CRM market, that is a fact. It is powerful, customizable, scalable, all this to meet the needs of a diverse range of businesses.

One of the most valuable features Salesforce provides is the ability to report on data points that matter to users on various levels. Reporting and analytics drive informed decision-making at organizations. Executives rely heavily on reported information and leverage metrics to best support their organization’s strategy.

But the truth is that Salesforce has some limitations in creating, scheduling, and sending the reports, which for most organizations is a very essential part of the business cycle.

In short, the challenges of reporting within Salesforce are:

  • Subscription is limited to only 5 reports per user, 200 reports per organization monthly
  • You can’t send one report right now in Salesforce, you only can schedule it for recurring delivery
  • It is not possible to send an explanation (email text or note) with the report
  • You can’t send the report as an attachment
  • To view the report, logging into Salesforce is mandatory
  • There is no possibility to send the reports to non-Salesforce users
  • Reports are sent even when there is no data (zero records)

Gone are the days when Sales Managers can afford to be reactive, producing, and distributing backward-looking reports within a siloed Sales department.

Today’s leading Sales and Marketing Managers are proactive, strategic, and collaborative; they work alongside leaders from across the organization to continuously improve sales and business outcomes. That’s why the demand for powerful Salesforce reporting tools is so high.

Imagine the situation, you are head of sales and at the board meeting, the CEO is asking you to share with all participants (including business partners) a quarterly sales report. Should be easy, right?–  Well in Salesforce it is not possible to send one report instantly to recipients without a licensed Salesforce account.

There is a solution for all the above mentioned difficulties.

Report Sender is an app created specifically for overcoming these challenges in Salesforce CRM, available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Report Sender allows you to select any of your Salesforce reports in CSV or excel file format, it enables you to customize the email message body and subject, to send out reports to any external email address on a regular schedule. So you are empowered to keep full control over your reports, just the way it should be.

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