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Top 10 Salesforce apps of 2020

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Top 10 Salesforce apps of 2020

The Salesforce AppExchange platform is a magic B2B marketplace. So if you are a developer who is passionate about producing apps for Salesforce, then your solutions should be listed there.

The AppExchange is a vast marketplace with solutions for all kinds of industries and challenges. 80% of Salesforce customers are using AppExchange and the platform has more than 6.5 million app downloads.

In this post, we want to bring you closer to the 10 most popular Salesforce apps based on user reviews.An easy and fast document generator. - This application allows Salesforce users to pull data directly from Salesforce and by using pre-built templates they can automatically generate documents like quotes, proposals, account plans, invoices/receipts, contracts, orders, and more in different formats.Price: starting at $20 USD per user, per month

Go to Conga Composer on AppExchange

Salesforce reports are powerful, but Salesforce doesn’t allow you to send reports outside the Salesforce organization. This app makes it possible! The Reports Sender allows you to schedule and send an unlimited number of reports to any email address as a CSV file. The upgraded version can also send XLSX files, skip sending when blank, and more:Price: free, premium

Go to Report Sender on AppExchangeimage: /uploads/

Import and export data

Dataloader, allows users to import, export, and delete data in an easy way. It can map your data from the source file to Salesforce. And the more advanced version includes additional options like insert, update, export, or upsert records for standard and custom objects.image: /uploads/Dataloader is offered in 3 versions based on the user needs: basic for free, professional, and enterprise

Price: free, premium

Go to Data Loader on AppExchangeimage: /uploads/

Electronic signature

Docusign has 4602 reviews and it is the most download electronic signature app on AppExchange. It enables you to create and send agreements for signatures directly from Salesforce. Customers can sign contracts on any device. You can trigger actions, track status, and automatically store agreements to the original record with Lightning integration.

Price: starting at $30 USD (requires Docusign subscription)

Go to DocuSign on AppExchangeimage: /uploads/

Business Messaging

SMS-Magic is an omnichannel text messaging solution. A great tool that enables businesses to have fluent communication with customers through different channels. The app allows you to receive and manage messages from channels like Facebook, SMS, WhatsApp in one inbox. It includes intuitive alerts to new conversations, simple worklists, auto-response templates, and 360Âş lead conversation history. It also has a function that matches routing rules and automation processes to assign conversations to sales executives or sales teams and sends a personalized first response to new opportunities instantly.

Price: starting at $9 USD

Go to SMS Magic on AppExchangeimage: /uploads/

Data and intelligence

InsideView helps sales and marketing teams to better target and engage with opportunities. It delivers the “right message to the right person at the right time”. It does this by generating events and analyzing your social network connections. What’s more, it visualizes the addressable markets and helps you discover new business segments that can be targeted. Salesforce users can benefit from:

  • appends and updates account data on an ongoing basis,
  • powers improved segmentation and targeting with key account data like industry, revenue, employee count, corporate hierarchy, company status, location, website.
  • includes a self-assessment tool to determine the match rate and visualize the distribution of data based on the selected metrics.

If your existing Salesforce contact database is a bit lacking, you’ll love InsideView’s updating and importing features.

Price: $99 USD

Go to InsideView on AppExchange

B2B database

ZoomInfo combines a comprehensive business database with advanced technology to fuel go-to-market strategy from start to finish, From understanding your ideal customers to targeting the companies who visit your website in real-time and provide a precise, 360-degree view of customers, prospects, and opportunities.Mainly dedicated to sales and marketing teams that allow them to have the information they need to effectively prospect and grow relationships without wasting time tracking down phone numbers or emails. It allows us to have valuable information on prospects and also information on companies within a targeted industry.

Price: free of charge

Go to Zoominfo on AppExchangeimage: /uploads/

DemandTools Administrative and Data Quality Management

Administrative tasks on a Salesforce database can be annoying. There are individual modules to remove and prevent poor quality data, control, standardize, verify, deduplicate, import, and generally control data. DemandTools makes all these time-consuming, monotonous tasks a thing of the past, and also it goes well beyond Salesforce’s built-in data loader to provide a more enhanced structure and improved usability while automating some of the more tedious administrative duties.

For CRM admins and data managers, DemandTools is one of the best software suites to ensure high-quality CRM data, so that business can make confident data-driven.

Price: starting at $10 USD

Go to Demand Tools on AppExchangeimage: /uploads/

Email & Calendar Integration for Salesforce (Gmail + Microsoft 365)

Groove is a sales engagement platform that automates non-sales activities so that sales teams can spend more time on finding new customers and maintaining relations with existing customers. This solution empowers the entire sales organization to plan and execute personalized outreach at scale with targeted campaigns, engage top accounts with smart account based sales features, and drive productivity using actionable analytics.

Features that are included:

  • Two-way integration between Salesforce, Gmail and Google Calendar
  • Email open, click tracking & send later
  • Create, edit & enrich any SFDC object
  • Automated email sequencing

Price: $30 USD

Go to Groove on AppExchangeimage: /uploads/

Customer onboarding

An enterprise customer onboarding solution that includes all that companies need to onboard new customers. It includes access, purpose-built, and fully customizable templates to manage repeatable processes, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.

Price: starting at $25 USD

Go to Taskray on AppExchangeDid we miss any app you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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